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Interview with tyDi

Tydi Creamfields Sydney 2010

my music is my life…something you can listen to over and over again and still find something new

I’m always excited to speak to fellow Australian artists and musicians and tyDi (aka Tyson Illingworth) delivered very well. tyDi gives us a really passion and honest look into what he loves about creating music, and exactly what creating music means to him.

Jye Smith: When did you first start DJing?

Tydi: When I was about 14, in my bedroom really, then inviting friends around to watch.  From there it was house parties til I was about 15 when I started playing my first clubs with like 50 people in the room.

JS: What were the clubs like having some 15, 16 year old playing shows?

T: The liquor licensing act meant that as long as I was contracted by the club, and was with a guardian, meant I was fine. But yeah, they were a little worried I guess.

JS: Where’s been the best place you’ve ever played?

T: If you’ve ever been to Miami, it’s an incredible city. Holland too.  But I’ve played so many shows now, and sometimes it’s the shows with only 300 people that can be the best.

JS: What do you think of the drug scene? It’s pretty heavy here in Sydney

T: I don’t take any drugs, for me personally. With my job I’m in the studio Monday to Friday, then always on flights and playing so many shows on the weekend.  All people see are the DJ’s playing, so they think it’s all party, but not really the work that goes into it.

JS: Does the drug scene ever affect you?

T: Nope, never affected me.  My interest is purely in music.  My music is my life, and that’s my passion.

JS: What is music making process like?

T: Well right now I’ve really found my zone.. I’ll call up my friend down the road who’s a guitarist and invite him around.  I’ll sit down on the piano in the studio, I’m here now, and the guitar will jam along till we come up with a sequence.

From there, I’ll take it and map it out on Logic.

JS: So you play the piano?

T: I’m not really a piano player, but I studied Music Technology at the con [Conservatory of Music] for 4 years.

JS: Would you consider yourself a bit of an audiophile?

T: Yeah, I’m a bit of a music geek I guess.

JS: What’s the biggest challenge to making music?

T: Writer’s block – sounds like something that musicians just say.  But I need every song to be unique. And when I can’t make it unique I need to take a week off and just go to the beach of something and then come back.

JS: What’s the direction of your music? Not only in the next 1-2 years, but also in the 3-4 year period?

T: I want my music to be cutting edge, intricate and have a large amount of detail involved.  Something you can listen to over and over again and still find something new with in.

JS: Does anyone else help produce the album, or just you?

T: Just me, but then the people who come in to do the strings, cellos, etc. or guitars, they usually will write the parts, and sometimes I’ll let them bring in their own ideas.

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St Jerome's Laneway Festival 2010 line up announcement

Laneway Festival has announced the first round of bands that will be gracing the stages next year. The current hype surrounding bands like The xx will sell a lot of tickets I am sure, but there is also huge interest in Wild Beasts, Black Lips, as well as Mecury-nominated Florence and the Machine.

The big draw card for a lot of people, however, will no doubt be the appearance of Echo and the Bunnymen on the list. Heading in to their 4th decade of making music, the makeup of Echo and the Bunnymen has changed a little of the years, but by all accounts their sound now is remarkably similar to that of the late 70s and early 80s. It will be fascinating to see what they have up their sleeves early next year.

Full line up details can be found here

There will also be a change in venue for 2010, no longer will we be squashed intimately snuggled down Reiby Place, but will be benfiting from the ‘ample space’ of Sydney College of the Arts in Rozelle. As a ‘bohemian hotbed of creative talent’ I am sure that the new location will be more than suitable for a Sunday in the sun.

Details on the venue can be found here

Tickets on sales 9am Friday 30 October from

See you there!

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Bloc Party to play at MCA - Sydney, Australia

Bloc Party

For all those fans who missed out on seeing Bloc Party at Splendour, the band will be playing only one other gig in Australia, at the Museum of Contemporary Art on Tuesday July 28.

Tickets go on sale this Thursday, 9 July. To purchase, fans will need to go to

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In Captain Thunderbolt's footsteps - All Tomorrow's Parties 2009

Psarandonis at The Barracks Stage

Psarandonis at The Barracks Stage

My expectations for this event were stratospheric as soon as it was announced. Either because of the superlative reputation it had in the UK for being a grown-up, chilled out festival, the involvement of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, the venue itself or, more likely, a combination of all three. Read the full story

By Dan Clarke Dec.5.2008
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The Maladies & The definition of artistic license =)

The Maladies - Daniel Marando

I never knew that there were places (homes, institutions or whatever you want to call them) for people who were deaf. Daniel Marando from the diabolically bluesy Maladies sits across from me, staring out the window. Something seems to catch his eye as he turns and waves to an older lady sitting across the room, intently watching the Bold and the Beautiful with closed captions blaring.


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Coldplay: Australian Tour 2009

Friday 27 February – Perth, Burswood Dome
Tuesday 3 March – Melbourne, Rod Laver Arena
Wednesday 4 March – Melbourne, Rod Laver Arena
Sunday 8 March – Brisbane, Entertainment Centre
Monday 9 March – Brisbane, Entertainment Centre
Wednesday 11 March – Sydney, Acer Arena
Thursday 12 March – Sydney, Acer Arena

We haven’t seen these chaps since 2006.  Welcome back boys :) Tickets go on sale: Thursday 4 December. Tickets and details through or 132 849 (this is a very hard number to find!).

Read the full story

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Big Day Out 2009: Side Shows Announced

All the 2009 Big Day Out Side Shows Have Been Announced:

SYDNEY – Saturday 24 January – THE METRO (plus WOLF & CUB)
MELBOURNE – Thursday 29 January – THE HI FI BAR (plus WOLF & CUB)

BRISBANE – Wednesday 21 January – THE TIVOLI
MELBOURNE – Sunday 25 January – THE PALACE

SYDNEY – Sunday 25 January – THE METRO (plus THE CORPS)
MELBOURNE – Wednesday 28 January – BILLBOARD (plus BULLDOG SPIRIT)

BRISBANE – Tuesday 20 January – RIVERSTAGE (previously announced)
SYDNEY – Saturday 24 January – HORDERN PAVILION (previously announced)
MELBOURNE – Thursday 29 January – PALACE

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The Prodigy: Australian Sideshow in 2009 - Confirmed

Once again we’re lucky enough to have The Prodigy playing in Australia next year in 2009 for the Big Day Out Festival and once again – just as they did in 2005 with Two Tribes – they are playing a side show.

Five years of waiting and The Prodigy are locked for two massive sideshows in Sydney and Brisbane.

Tickets on sale Friday 14th November.

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Shapeshifter in Sydney at The Metro

My anticipation for Friday’s Shapeshifter (New Zealand) show was well worth it.  Although I only managed to fire off a few shots with the iPhone, they took the stage with presence and experience.

Paora ‘P Digsss’ Apera presents himself with power and intimacy and hits every note with passion and skill.  He, and the NZ band have the ability to make a grand show seem personal.

Watching a genre like Drum & Bass performed live with a five piece outfit brings electronic music to life.  It’s powerful, melodic and upbeat. If you ever have the opportunity to check them out, be sure too.

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