By Jye Smith Dec.16.2008
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Sonixtrip: Creating a Story


Sonixtrip Studio Sessions 1-2/5. (from Sonixtrip)

Today I’m back at work after two days in the studio so I thought I’d share some thoughts with you. This is our first EP as Sonixtrip and definitely the highest level of recording and productions from all of us individually.

Creating a story.

This is a much better way to think about the songs you select for a record. I didn’t just want old favourites and I didn’t want our most ‘palatable’ — neither are the reasons that we create music. The tracks we selected are a part (lyrically and musically) of a bigger journey.

One thing I wanted to make clear is that although some people will still dismiss the music as angsty and bitter — but the most important thing is that these lyrics and the songs are about resolution. Beyond the challanges and battles I/we face in life, but overcoming them and accepting just as much. You can hear this in the music too.

I could talk about why each of the songs was chosen, but most notably the way we end The Sun which ends the entire album was reflective of a few things:

  1. The sun setting marks the end of the day.
  2. The song itself resolves musically to a major key from a very dissonant introduction and verse
  3. Likewise the lyrics deal with challenges at the start, and overcoming and accepting sorrow at the end

I know myself and Steve found ourselves really connecting with this song again and especially when laying the final acoustic guitar tracks over the top. I’ll be reworking some of the tone of the vocals to really match just how intimate parts of this song came out.

By Nathanael Boehm Sep.8.2008
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Zoom H2 handheld audio recording

I had been keen on getting a Zoom H4 when the Zoom H2 was announced last year. The feature list, size and price was too good to pass on so I pre-ordered one from the USA and got it months before it landed here on shelves in Australia.

Zoom H2 handheld audio recording device

Absolutely brilliant device – four mics that provide 120° front and 90° stereo coverage – you can even record all four mics on independent channels, stereo or even mono mix-down. Range of compression effects with straight-to-mp3 recording with a full set of bitrates or you can record as WAV – although that tends to take up space on the removable flash storage pretty quickly which you can then download to your computer via a standard USB cable.

I’ve used mine for recording loud rock jam sessions in garages through to voice podcasts – so the three different gain options are handy. Comes with a sock, screw-in handle and base which is also the same thread as a camera so you can mount it on a tripod.

Uses AA batteries and if you want to use rechargeables make sure you change the battery type setting so the unit calculates remaining power correctly!

Nathanael Boehm

By Jye Smith Aug.23.2008
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T-Pain held back by auto-tune?

Found a great video on YouTube with some examples of T-Pain singing live following my previous post on auto-tune.  Looks like he can sing very well and probably won’t be able to escape this auto-tune stigma and get the credit he just may deserve.

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By Jye Smith Aug.4.2008
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2008 the year for key specific auto-tune in pop

Now, let’s get one thing straight – auto-tune is very real in today’s music. The more I learn about recording and the sharper my ears become, the more I notice the layers and levels in every day pop tunes.  Listen to anything on TodayFM and you’ll instantly hear the artificial layers and harmonies, and the disgustingly obvious auto-tune.

Auto-Tune  – It seems that in today’s pop music this is no longer a dirty word. It’s very acceptable.  For someone like me, it’s a great way to save time if there’s a couple of off notes on an otherwise decent demo recording. There’s also a great effect that allows you to remove any frequency from the recording that isn’t strictly in the song’s key.

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