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twitterRAGE community music video channel

You may have noticed this new thing called twitterRAGE being mentioned on Twitter recently. What is it? The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) have a music video show called rage – and basically a bunch of “tweeps” (Twitter users) including @misswired @barrysaunders @ApostrophePong myself and others have a shared account on YouTube twitterrage where we collect and make available through a playlist our favourite music videos and tracks for people to listen to … basically a community-programmed web version of the ABC’s rage show.

The main aim of the twitterRAGE playlist is to assemble a list of songs for people with hangovers. Saturday/Sunday morning songs … so not too much bass and not heavy; stuff that people with headaches can tolerate. See what’s currently in the playlist.

The best way to access the playlist is through the playlist control which is currently running on @misswired’s blog post twitterRAGE.

You can also log in to the group YouTube account, find and add your own songs. Still working on ideas for future programming, multiple playlists, longer-term place to access the channel etc.

Nathanael Boehm

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Jamendo: Free music

I had to find some music yesterday morning to play before and after the speeches at the rally in Canberra yesterday against the Government’s mandatory Internet filtering proposal which I was an organiser of … and I didn’t want to get into the whole paying APRA/AMCOS royalties thing or illegally play licensed music in a public place – so I needed to find some free music.

Quick search around, a few suggestions – and I found Jamendo.

Jamendo is a place where artists can upload music and consumers can download music for free – so we’re talking about unsigned bands and musicians who want to get discovered.

I looked through the popular (most downloaded) albums and had a listen to an album from a group called Tryad, an electro pop ambient genre group who claim to be one of the world’s first virtual bands – ie of no fixed geographic location but collaborating, performing, producing and recording online over the Internet. I liked the nice low-key yet dynamic sound of their music and ended up downloading the album and playing it at the rally.

I suggest you check it out – there’s some quality stuff on here! If you like a band on there, blog about it, promote and help get them signed and start getting paid!

Also you can assemble playlists, post on the forums there and even donate to bands you like.

Nathanael Boehm

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Worst recent music video?

I’m voting The Bird and the Bee “Polite Dance Song” as worst music video that’s in high rotation at the moment. I’m not sure if my extreme dislike for the video is because of it’s insipidity or slight freakishness – but it just distresses me.

The Bird and the Bee “Polite Dance Song” music video on YouTube

Nathanael Boehm

By Jye Smith Oct.28.2008
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Alternate Guitar Tunings

Alternative guitar tunings are something that takes a little patience and learning, but also requires making sure you have the optimum hardware set up. So here are my thoughts on what string gauges to use.

When my guitar (Ibanez MMM1 – a 28″ scale baritone)  arrived it came strung with baritone gauge strings (14-68, high to low) and tuned in standard Bb. After tuning it up to drop b (std c#, with the bottom string 1 full step down) I needed to find a new string gauge, as the high tension really affected dexterity in both my fretboard and picking.

So, for those of you playing at home: this is for a 28″ scale baritone guitar. I’m able to get away with using thinner strings because the tension has been increased over the full length of the neck.

B: 60
F#: 49
B: 38
E: 24
G#: 16
C: 12

By Jye Smith Oct.17.2008
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Cog - Sharing Space

I’m not even through my first track of CogSharing Space (No Other Way), and already I’m falling in love with this band and their truly emotive sound.

The rich vocal melodies over some really innovative rhythms make it both powerful and smooth. Great tension and release that really drive the tones to deliver the overall moods. Overall the tracks are very progressive and offer a deep range of moods that seem to fall into one another with perfect harmony.

As I listen to each track I’m constantly longing to hear more – especially from a very unique vocal flavour who I can’t help but admire for the dynamics, liquidity and melodic bounds.

Cog - MySpace

Thoughts: Vocal tones remind me of David Draiman (Disturbed) but with much more soul (and clean tones); guitars that of Tool, The Butterfly Effect; Drumming and bass similar too.

By Jye Smith Oct.8.2008
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Black Light Burns

Without a doubt, Wes Borland’s new project Black Light Burns is one of the best sounds I’ve heard in years. Straight to the favourite band list. Sophisticated, dark and powerful; both the songs and the album collectively take you on a journey.

The latest interview with Borland I’ve read provides great insight.

The record starts real aggressively, but toward the middle it gets a little more hurtful and hurting, lyrically, trying to express painful feelings, but still in an aggressive way. Then it kind of opens up in the end. And that was the purpose: to attack, then explain, then release and be done with it.

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By Nathanael Boehm Sep.30.2008
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Friendship Records presents Nobody Can Dance

Jye put the call out a little while ago for people to send in music for reviewing, and Julian Rapp from Friendship Records was one of those who answered the call.

He’s sent me some music by a rock band on the Friendship Records label called Nobody Can Dance. Nine tracks, with titles like Dance, Fucker, Dance!, Creepy Little People and Post-Apocalyptic Pussy.

Here’s my favourite track from the nine tracks I received, If You Got a Problem:

Nice start, the guitars complement each other well – which isn’t always the case in some of the other tracks, though of course it’s going to be tricky having two leads especially when they’re both running effects.

The band comprises of a drummer, bassist and two lead guitars which leaves the mix fairly open although both guitars use overdrive and one is usually fairly heavily distorted giving the band a grungy garage feel.

The vocals reminded me of Beck for some reason.

Nice variety of tempos and feels, although the start of You Put Me On worried me a bit with its country sound but its all good after the first minute.

I rate Nobody Can Dance 3 out of 5 stars.

Another track Animal Love:

The tracks “If You Got a Problem” and “Animal Love” have been offered for streaming on The Music Blogs under permission from Friendship Records.

Nathanael Boehm

By Jye Smith Sep.26.2008
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Puscifer - V Is For Vagina

Now listening to: Puscifer – V Is For Vagina.  Really loving Maynard James Keenan‘s new album – it’s not Tool and it’s not A Perfect Circle, which I’m sure disappointed so many.  It’s dark, haunting and acoustic with some industrial undertones. Keenan’s voice is delivered in a soothing baritone and really sets it apart from anything he, or anyone else, has done in the past.

Originality is not dead.

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By Nathanael Boehm Sep.22.2008
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My band's first gig

First of all a big thanks to Jye for inviting me to contribute to The Music Blogs and it’s been awesome to see how popular the blog has been since being formally launched only a few weeks ago.

My name is Nathanael and I’m a 25-year-old Canberra musician. Well, my main job is as a web designer and team leader in government but you’re probably not really interested in that. I play the drums, percussion, keyboard/piano and bass guitar.

Tastes in music range from Darkane, Static-X and Disturbed, Trivium, Dream Theater and Tool through Metalheadz, Goldie / Rufige Kru, Andy C and Limewax through to Nick Warren, John Digweed, Basement Jaxx, Juno Reactor, Daft Punk, Francois K, Paul Mac and to Living End, Coheed and Cambria, The Mars Volta, The Prodigy, Cog, Pendulum, Moloko, The Presets, Muse, Massive Attack … and heaps more. So pretty diverse.

Mallacoota/Genoa gig by NathanaelBI toyed with solo house music production for a little while but that just didn’t work for me so I’m sticking with instruments for now and my latest band I joined only 4 weeks ago as drummer had their first gig on Saturday evening 4.5 hours away down in Genoa near Mallacoota across the NSW/VIC border.

Nothing overly big – just a 50th birthday party that half the town was invited to attend. Big bonfire, lots of drinking and dancing. I ended up getting roped into playing with two other bands during the night. Really good time – absolutely loved the gig and enjoyed the evening.

Luckily it ended up I didn’t have to take my drumkit all the way down to Mallacoota for the gig as a kit was provided by one of the other bands; but one thing I learned some years ago is that it always helps if you at least have your own cymbals. It’s like taking your own pillow when you travel … if you do that (I don’t but I understand why you might). So I took my cymbals including a Pearl PPS-37 clamp bracket for mounting my splash off the cymbal stand, rubber bands, key and obviously drum sticks. Also can’t hurt to take tape – my old “Hondo” drumkit was held together with nothing but sticky tape! At the very least it can come in handy to tape snares to the resonant skin of a snare drum when the snare clamp fails as they inevitably do with age.

Also another tip is make sure you get a foldback! You need it just as much as the guys up the front and you’re probably going to need your own dedicated wedge. Speaking of which, you really do trust the sound engineer with your life or at least your health. I had a cable or connection go bad on a foldback I had on a gig once and the sound nearly deafened me. I couldn’t hear out of my left ear for the rest of the performance.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to learn more than just how to play your instrument if you want to get into live performances and recording or get into a band. You need to learn how to play with other people, to fit in and complement … and if you’re a drummer then how to set the pace and feel. Understand music theory so you can explain what’s wrong when you realise something isn’t working. Know microphones, leads, connections, speakers, amplification, effects, sound theory, mixing and equalisation. Expand your repertoire beyond your signature beat or riff and learn how to play ideas rather than notes. Understand what it means to make a beat more “airy” or make a riff feel “reggae”.

Anyway – that was my weekend; hopefully some useful advice too.

Nathanael Boehm

By Jye Smith Sep.15.2008
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Disturbed - Indestructible (Review and Video)

New album arrived today: Disturbed – Indestructible

Just over the first two tracks now, and the grinding guitars over the familiar drive of some fucking thunderous drums broke through.  Now that’s a lot of adjectives, but this album sounds like the soundtrack to Armageddon itself.  Getting solid reviews everywhere.  Also the brand new video below (speaks for itself).

A much darker tone overall, with some epic vocals from one of my favourite frontmen David Draiman.  One can hear a much wider use of Draiman’s vocal ranges, and also a few extra layers.  His vocal asethetics range from his classic tones right through to traditional growls.

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Nathanael's favourite album: Speakers and Tweeters

Dub Pistols - Speakers and Tweeters album cover artSpeakers and Tweeters by UK group Dub Pistols has been a favourite of mine for quite a few months now possibly odd considering dub isn’t a genre I have many albums from – mostly d&b, house, rock & metal – but it’s a great album to chill back to; I can listen to it over and over again and never get sick of it.

Good mix of tempos from the downtempo opening track Speed of Light, through to Gangsters; some tracks crossing into reggae, some into more hip-hop/rap style. Actually if you like this album you’ll probably also like Guru’s Jazzmatazz series.

Nathanael Boehm

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Billy Howerdel‘s (A Perfect Circle) new project ASHES dIVIDE is also at the top of my playlists at the moments. The guitars and vocals deliver a very emotive sound over the alternative rock base. As producer and performer (on all instruments unless otherwise noted) Howerdel’s signature, singing guitars can be easily recognised; co-produced with Danny Lohner (former Nine Inch Nails) some industrial tones can also be picked off.

Reading more about the ASHES dIVIDE project, it immediately demonstrates Howerdel’s experience with planning and arranging the album – and you hear it too:

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By Jye Smith Jul.29.2008
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Shapeshifter coming to Sydney in 2008

At last year’s Parklife I finally got to see my favourite live drum & bass act, Shapeshifter.  The 5 piece is playing this September 5 at The Metro.  The second Chizm flicked me the announcement, I bought tickets and they arrived yesterday.  If you want to go you can buy tickets for just $35 through The Metro – let us know if you’re going too.

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By Jye Smith Jun.5.2008
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New Slipknot Images

Grotesquely beautiful imagery.  This morning I blew the dust off my MySpace account and logged in – I quickly felt a little nostalgic as I perused the clunky comments and photo announcements, and after some quick linking I found myself intrigued by a new Slipknot profile picture.

After visiting the Slipknot MySpace page, I hit the gallery and noticed some new pictures. I haven’t been following closely enough to know exactly how new, but I did a quick Google and nothing else came up about new masks/heads. Then over to and the front door to the site features the same images.

News about their new album (where Corey is quoted to say the new album “will rip your face off”) is also starting to circulate, as well as speculation that it may be their last. If you want more information as it happens, watch Wikipedia for details about the 4th studio album.

By Jye Smith May.5.2008
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Tiesto (Photo Gallery)

Saturday’s Tiesto show at the Hordern Pavillion (Sydney) created an amazing atmosphere and a surreal experience – managed to catch a few moments, check out my Flickr gallery for more.

Tiesto - White Lights

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157604684953384″]

By Jye Smith Oct.12.2007
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Better music is now better known

What do you think of downloading music? After watching this week’s Whaddyareckon? I came away with a little gem of philosophy:

Better music, is now better known.

I’ve always agreed that the internet, torrents and P2P are great ways to discover artists; and if you end up enjoying their work, you’ll buy their album. I guess how many of us actually get around to it is another question.