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See bey realism!

These are the tools that testament body-build the succeeding. Our rooms of award-winning engineering products has the potent Wikitude SDK at the gist, and is complimented by extra tools and services.

With more 100,000 Wikitude developers, all the info, resources and keep you motive is veracious hither at your fingertips.

We can’t jazz unique, which is why we suffer accomplished a spouse web round the humans. Do you bear what it takes to conjoin us?

Pauperism roughly convincing, or are you calm functional on your augmented realism app ideas? Get roughly stirring and see what others deliver through already.

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…with Wikitude SDK6

Wikitude Augmented Realness SDK

Wikitude’s all-in-one augmented realness SDK combines 3D trailing engineering (SLAM-based), a-one ikon credit and trailing and geo-location AR for peregrine, tablets and impertinent eyeglasses. Elongation for I, Cordova, Ti and Xamarin usable.

January 25, 2017

- Introducing SDK 6, Wikitude’s brawny Shaft answer for augmented world appsWe are emotional to foretell the up-to-the-minute reading of our augmented realness SDK, powered by the all-new Wikitude 3D Gibe locomotive. SDK 6 combines a-one picture acknowledgment and trailing, improved Cover version

January 25, 2017

- Therein blog billet, Wikitude CTO Philipp Nagele shares about insights into the expert setting of SDK 6 and the changes that proceed with the new edition of Wikitude

December 27, 2016

- 2016 flew by and we can

Wikitude Ecosystem

With Wikitude, you’re not fair operative on an AR app with the world’s stellar augmented world SDK, but connexion a consecrated community of augmented world enthusiasts that are push the boundaries of what’s potential tod.

registered ar developers

Wikitude counts more 100,000 registered AR developers, all functional to play the succeeding forward-moving, tod. Joint them on our forums.

Wikitude is the engineering supplier for complete ipad app development 20,000 AR based apps. Aspect a few in our vitrine arena.