By Jye Smith Mar.3.2011
In: technology
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Review: Sennheiser ADIDAS PMX 680 Sports

I love it when your two favourite brands do something together. Makes everything sexy. Just like the marriage between ADIDAS and Sennheiser on their new sports headphones. I do a bunch of sports (CrossFit, running etc) and I love my music blasting through. Two things always get in the way – sweat and audio quality.  Both of which co-exist as I rarely invest more than $15 in a set of in-ear buds from TDK (a good buy to be honest), but I still need to wrap something around my head to keep them in over a couple of hours.

Enter the Sennheiser ADIDAS PMX 680 – around head ear buds that are super light, provide a great spectrum of sound – and best of all are sweat and water resistant.  For $70 they’re hard to flaw!  Awesome, awesome design too. Beautiful colours.

Sound quality is great – tested on some dubstep and ambient stuff.  Get a set.