By Jye Smith Apr.20.2010
In: Album Reviews

Head: Save Me From Myself

Album cover for Save Me from Myself

Finally grabbing a copy of Save Me From Myself by ex-Korn member Brian Welch – better known as Head – was a massive step.  Korn have been my favourite band since I was about 14, and Head deciding to leave the band once he found God and cited moral reasons for leaving, was almost like a personal punch in the throat – he was my favourite, massive reason for me playing guitar and influenced my own band‘s style to some degree.

While there’s much I wasn’t as impressed with (my bias to Korn is unavoidable really) it’s the openness of the album that made it for me. The video to Flush is incredible though – very Korn, but really confronting, there’s also a little controversy around it too.

Personal things aside. I’ve picked it up, and put it on, and will give it a fair go.

The production is strange: I guess I was expecting massive guitars, dripping in bass.  What it appears to be is a much more Dope – I can’t even really tell what guitars they are, too much (what I assume) post-production work, kind of sucked any rawness. (Note: I’m telling myself now to stop expecting a Korn album)

Hearing Head’s absolute musical direction is actually surprising: it’s pretty classic nu-metal meets industrial metal. The guitar work isn’t incredibly technical – another surprise to me.  Some really great melodies through there.  Head on vocals is also interesting: it’s pretty Jon Davis (Korn’s lead singer), and you can hear heaps of other influences from the nu-metal and industrial era there: but definitely some classic Jon Davis from the earlier days.

The synth work is okay – although because I’ve been spoiled listening to heaps of tech and progressive house (dance) music, they sound ‘cheap’ – and in fact much like what I’ve been producing on my MacBook’s GarageBand, another let down.

Overall, it’s enjoyable, even if it sounds a little juvenile in production and lyrical content.  But I definitely something I’d put on and play comfortably at full volume, just as a metal fan. Religion isn’t spat at us, the themes are there, but like so many are delivered well tact.

What I really do enjoy about this album is it’s just raw – it’s Brian just smashing out all the songs that have obviously been in his head for some time. Good work, mate. Will pick up your next one for sure.

“Flush” controversy – from Wikipedia

The content of the music video has reportedly caused select retailers to pull Save Me from Myself from their shelves.[30] This prompted Welch to provide his explanation for what transpires in the video:

The video for ‘Flush’ is about crystal meth addiction and the crazy things anyone addicted to meth will do while they’re high or to get their fix. Everything the models were doing in the video is what I was wrapped up in while I was addicted to meth. The video is a very realistic look at the addiction and where it will lead you if you get hooked. I understand the images of the models may be too much for some people, but honestly, I was just trying to be real with what happened in my life and show where I was, as well as where I am at now. I was totally imprisoned by meth … I would do anything to get my meth … I believe I would be dead right now if I continued using meth, but instead, I chose to surrender my life to Christ and die to myself so He could share His resurrection with me … Significantly, the images also go along with what the kids (not actors) at the beginning of the video were honestly saying about their addictions.