By Jye Smith Aug.16.2010
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Australian Defence Force: The Reservists

“The Army is Australia’s longest running professional musical organisation, employing hundreds ofmusicians across the country.” Director of Army Music, Lieutenant Colonel (LTCOL) Ian Mclean.

Jump onto the MySpace of these crew and you hear a really fat cover version of Don’t Hold Back.  The rest was non-stop listening for me. Probably the last thing we think about when talking about our Defence forces, but this cannot be over looked.

They’re a soul-funk, big band, jazz outfit that operates like any other band and just so happensto be made up of Army Musicians. They play gigs, they have street posters and they even run ads looking fornew band members in street press, on blogs and at universities. And like a lot of bands around the world,they have a MySpace page.

On their MySpace page you can hear some of their music, watch a few clips, get event dates, as well as findout more about what being a musician in the Army Reserve is all about.

For information about the role of Musician in the Army Reserve, visit or call 1319 01.