By Jye Smith Dec.10.2009
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Eminem and The Beatles: The Top-Selling Artists of the 2000s


Eminem on top

Just read this article over at Rolling Stone.  I’ve got a massive man crush on Eminem and was so stoked to hear about his albums’ successes over the years.

Over three decades after their breakup, the Beatles still released the top-selling album of the 2000s. The Fab Four’s greatest hits compilation 1 sold over 11,448,000 copies since its release in November 2000 according to Nielsen SoundScan’s decade-end sales numbers. Eminem was the 2000s’ top-selling artist with 32.2 million combined in sales, plus two albums in the decade’s Top 10: The Marshall Mathers LP was fourth with 10,195,000 sold and Eminem Show was fifth with 9,789,000. Slim Shady edged out the Fab Four for the distinction of the decade’s top-seller as the Beatles claimed Number Two with 30 million.