By Stuart McPhee Jan.20.2009
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...Or rock some mink boots in the summertime like Will.I.Am

u2-no-line-on-the-horizonLove them or hate them, U2 are the only band to have lasted so long and with the same lineup while still managing to release big selling albums and hit singles.

3 things to note for their upcoming album No Line On The Horizon:

1. ‘Get On Your Boots’ is the lead single. While it is early days for me to form a decent opinion, the best description I have heard is the song is a mix of  Elvis Costello’s ‘Pump It Up’ and The Temptation’s ‘Ball Of Confusion (That’s What The World Is Today)’. I will say that this is the most relaxed and playful they have sounded since ‘Discotheque’ dropped, subsequently confusing all and sundry.

2. It is reported that Will.I.Am is involved in some way with the track ‘I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight’. I am an open minded individual so I will reserve judgement until I hear the tune. Suffice to say I am always weary of people who have a co-writing credit on a song called ‘My Humps’. Grammy or no Grammy.

and 3. Trent Reznor deserves a credit in the liner notes. U2 have clearly pinched his style for the album cover.

For all the guff, including a stream of ‘Get On Your Boots’, go to: