By Jye Smith Mar.17.2009
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N*E*R*D - Hordern Pavillion: Sydney, March 4, 2009



The show was disappointing for so many reasons. And for a handful of others it was a realisation that things had changed since the group last came out 5
years ago. As for the highlights, there were just enough to make this an enjoyable, though hardly incredible, night out.

Let’s Cover Off The Good Points First

N*E*R*D Make really good music. But it’s not hip hop. Not like I like my hip hop. This is the epitome of Pop music; incredibly catchy hooks “all the girls waiting in the line for the bathroom….”, rock-meets-hip hop hybrids (remember how much we liked Aerosmith meets RunDMC?) and heart tumbling
rhythm (two live drummers – what could be better). And don’t forget, these are the production genius’ behind the Neptunes, the best productio force since Timbaland. This show had all the hits “Sooner or Later”, “Lapdance” “Rockstar”, the crowd loved it, the girls got to go and dance on stage. It was a lot of fun.

But Let’s Not Brush Over the Bad Bits

Late on Stage.

Come on guys, how many shows do you perform in a year? Is it that hard to get the entourage together to get on stage at the promised time. And ten minutes changing the lights to hype up the crowd can only work for so long.

Terrible Sound.

Get a new Sound Technician Pharell. You make some of the best pop of the moment, your two drummers are fantastic, and live guitar rocks. But if the guy behind the desk continues to make you sound like a chipmunk, or keeps you drowned out by the band, it really does sound terrible. Full marks to the punter who tried to get a refund from the promoter at the end of the show though. Read the back of the ticket next time!

Early Off Stage

What no encore? Isn’t the band supposed to leave the stage. The crowd cheers for a few minutes and then they come back on? Well you fooled us this time.  After a paltry 63 minutes of playing, the band left the stage, and the house lights came on a few moments later.

… and How Music Has Changed (or Why I Am A Jaded Music Snob)

Who’s Original?

Pharell asked the crowd; “Hands Up If You’re Original Sydney…!?”. Nice to see everyone did. Was it ironic that 5 minutes later N*E*R*D pulled out “that” White Stripes bass line to get the crowd into action again. I think Grandmaster Flash also played it in his warm up set. Sorry, what were you saying about original?

Put Away The Phones Guys

I love live shows these days. I love to watch everyone concentrate more on the photos they are taking than the show. I love watching kids taking photos
using too much flash, or recording whole songs on a $200 camera which they think will be as watchable as MTV. Forget about lifestreaming for a minute. Just dance!


Oh – and Pharell has his own Social Network now. His new online community.  It’s I think. Pharell had us all get our or ‘mobile devises’ and type it in. I was too busy dancing to get back online at a live show. So this may be a plug for something else. Enjoy it anyway.