By Nathanael Boehm Jun.2.2009
In: Concerts

Cog, Canberra 27 May

The Hellenic Club in Canberra is a bit of an odd venue for a rock gig, but as Flynn explained the band just wanted to try something different from performing at the local universities. Fair enough. I didn’t particular like the venue choice but the performance itself was of course awesome.

I didn’t take my Canon DSLR camera as I didn’t want to risk getting it damaged; I overestimated how crammed the venue would be. As it happened only two thirds of the room was filled – the gig had more of the feel of a new band trying out at the local pub. A really loud band.

Nathanael Boehm

I don’t know if I’m just getting old but I sure missed my earplugs which I seemed to have misplaced at one of my band’s recent gigs. It was very loud. Oh, but anyway I did snap a pic with my cameraphone.

The support act, Calling all Cars – well, I liked a few of their songs but overall it just sounded messy with no instrument definition, just cacophanic.

Surprised there was no encore by Cog – they just finished up 11pm sharp and that was it, the roadies came on stage and started packing up. A little disappointing, it was so sudden. They’ve only released two albums and didn’t even play some of their more well-known songs such as The Spine.

Nonetheless I enjoyed it

Nathanael Boehm