By Nathanael Boehm Jun.7.2009
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Bliss n Eso, Canberra 6 June 2009

The Flying Colours tour kicked off here in Canberra at the ANU Refractory last night with of course Bliss n Eso headlining but supported by a number of other Australian hip-hop groups including Pez, 360, DJ Matik and Diafrix.

That was one awesome gig, I have to say. And that’s an understatement – not sure Jye would be ok with me swearing on here so I’ll keep it civil. But it went off. The Refractory was absolutely packed, crowd really got into it … and there were plenty of sing-along opportunities, in fact all the groups did at least one “repeat after me” thing: oo-oo, ah-ah … you know how it goes.

Local live music photographer Boxy took some awesome photos of all the acts that performed.

All the groups who took the stage really got the crowd amped up. The atmosphere, the lighting, the sound – it just worked. Being the ANU, you do end up by the end of the evening standing/jumping in an inch of beer across the floor and have to dodge the empty cans that fly around the room but you’re having a great time so you don’t care – it’s all part of the fun!

Bliss n Eso seemed to have fun too, describing the crowd and gig as “damn crazy” on Twitter.

They’ve definetly set the bar for the Funkoars who are performing at the same venue later this month.

The next stop for the Flying Colours tour is Sydney, tonight – so if you can get to Luna Park this evening, get yourself a ticket (if they haven’t already sold out) and have a fucking awesome night!

Nathanael Boehm