By Jye Smith Sep.8.2009
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The-Best-Of-SpineshankIt was the middle of a CrossFit workout when I really noticed some really great hard metal pouring out of the speakers. It was here I met Spineshank.

What am I really enjoying about them? It’s ferocious, but it’s dynamic. This is what really sets great metal bands apart.

Santos’ vocals really separate most dynamics on the surface, but it’s the grinding drum and base combo that polish everything off.

The guitars are a constant wall of pure aggression.

Call it nu-metal, call it industrial metal, even call it metalcore. It doesn’t matter – for those who truly appreciate dynamic and hungry metal, it’s a must.

I still can’t choose a favourite album between Self-Destructure Pattern, Strictly Diesel or The Height of Callousness.

Jonny Santos Returns & New Material

In 2008, Spineshank reunited with Santos, and in August of that year recorded a demo. In September they announced that they had started writing material for an upcoming album. They posted a demo version of “Born Conform Repent”, one of five songs completed.[12] By, December, they said they had recorded ten songs, but that these recordings would not be the final masters.The band has also been confirmed to tour with Disturbed as part of the Music as a Weapon tour in 2009.
So far, the new songs have shown a significant evolution in the band’s music, shifting from the nu-metal label to a music that mixes Alternative Metal with elements of Metalcore and Electronica.

• Jonny Santos – vocals (1996-2004),(2008-Present)
• Mike Sarkisyan – guitar (1996-Present)
• Robert Garcia – bass (1997-Present)
• Tom Decker – drums (1996-Present)