By Jye Smith Jul.16.2009
In: Album Reviews

Kaamora: Lambs to the Slaughter

The eerie opening to the first track builds tension like few albums I’ve heard before, before your dropped into what can only be described as a Spartan pit fight.  This is metal. Real metal. And there are no prisoners taken here.

It’s definitely progressive, but it’s not math metal. Thankfully. It’s raw and quite emotive. The timing is supburb.

Ballarat never sounded so brutal.

Yep, this is a local band from Victoria, Australia.  The drums and bass stick together and move as a powerful force.  The guitars are dripping wet on top and drive a lot of treble and high mid.  The vocals are done in a full growl – not everyone’s cup of tea – and the force is again brutal.  You can hear a unique blend of a wide range of influences coming to taint this voice: I get flavours of Bolt Thrower, Cradle of Filth and a little Pantera in the higher screams.

The guitars continue to fly on top of drums and bass that can only be described as a rumbling boom.  It’s a really nice balance of blood lust and atomic doom: it’s fast yes, and raw, but the bass and drums ground the sound to give it depth. Depth, especially in faster and harder metal, is vital to develop any kind of story and emotion with the listener.

Soul of A Machine is track 5 of the 7 track album – is a great little spoken word piece. A really unique mark on the album – and something rarely done.

Birth of a Digital God would definitly have to be one of my favourite tracks followed by Ruptured.  Over all, the final track End of The Aeon - would be my favourite.  Like the opening track, we’re treated to the vocalists clean styled vocals. AND FUCK ARE THEY GOOD. The vocalist, Luke Greenwood, really showcasing his full range, tonal flexibility and raw emotion throughout this last piece.

The album over is very dynamic and is great cranked at some solid volumes.  To Dylan, Will, Aaron, Jase and Luke: keep up the amazing work. Hope to see you guys in Sydney sometime.

For everyone else, get your copy of Lambs to the Slaughter by Kaamora and prepare to be taken apart with a pick axe, and love every minute of it.


I just kept the CD running and discovered the secret track. Hah. This is fucking brilliant.