By Nathanael Boehm Sep.8.2008
In: Production

Zoom H2 handheld audio recording

I had been keen on getting a Zoom H4 when the Zoom H2 was announced last year. The feature list, size and price was too good to pass on so I pre-ordered one from the USA and got it months before it landed here on shelves in Australia.

Zoom H2 handheld audio recording device

Absolutely brilliant device – four mics that provide 120° front and 90° stereo coverage – you can even record all four mics on independent channels, stereo or even mono mix-down. Range of compression effects with straight-to-mp3 recording with a full set of bitrates or you can record as WAV – although that tends to take up space on the removable flash storage pretty quickly which you can then download to your computer via a standard USB cable.

I’ve used mine for recording loud rock jam sessions in garages through to voice podcasts – so the three different gain options are handy. Comes with a sock, screw-in handle and base which is also the same thread as a camera so you can mount it on a tripod.

Uses AA batteries and if you want to use rechargeables make sure you change the battery type setting so the unit calculates remaining power correctly!

Nathanael Boehm