By Jye Smith Jul.16.2008
In: Production
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Even though I’m still actually waiting for my iPhone 3G to arrive, one application (of many to come, I’m sure) has me very excited – Mashable! recently uncovered that is now available for download (pictures included).

I’m a huge fan of – and even more so because it’s so easy to keep my profile updated via iTunes etc.  Furthermore, after our band Sonixtrip is finished in the studio, it’ll mean we’re able to spread out music right into the hands, and handsets, of new and existing listeners.

On another note: Generally, people’s headphones are of higher quality than their computer speakers, which suits us fine – we want our music heard in the best possible environment.

Although we heard that the service isn’t available in Australia (only in US, UK, Canada, France, Germany and Spain) we hope to hear updates soon via the blog.

The local music community has good reason to be excited.