By Jye Smith Oct.28.2008
In: Production

Alternate Guitar Tunings

Alternative guitar tunings are something that takes a little patience and learning, but also requires making sure you have the optimum hardware set up. So here are my thoughts on what string gauges to use.

When my guitar (Ibanez MMM1 – a 28″ scale baritone)  arrived it came strung with baritone gauge strings (14-68, high to low) and tuned in standard Bb. After tuning it up to drop b (std c#, with the bottom string 1 full step down) I needed to find a new string gauge, as the high tension really affected dexterity in both my fretboard and picking.

So, for those of you playing at home: this is for a 28″ scale baritone guitar. I’m able to get away with using thinner strings because the tension has been increased over the full length of the neck.

B: 60
F#: 49
B: 38
E: 24
G#: 16
C: 12