By Jye Smith Oct.22.2008
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2008 ARIA Awards: Worst. Outfit. Ever.

I have no idea who this is, or who she is standing with.  But if you see this person: please, remain calm, call your local authorities and remain indoors.

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  1. Pete Oct.26.2008@10:35 pm

    I suddenly feel like I’m a deer.

  2. chizm Oct.29.2008@1:38 pm

    the guy in the hat is one half of the potbelleez, so either its his gf or their MC

  3. jyesmith Oct.29.2008@2:02 pm

    @Pete: I’m not surprised.

    @Chizm: Haha serious? Gross. Surely he could do better.

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Discuss, be nice!