By Jye Smith Oct.8.2008
In: Opinion, Production

The Best of 2008 Hip-Hop Vocoder (Key-Specific Auto-Tune)

As we near the end of of 2008, it’s been very clear that the use of key-specific autotune or the Vocoder effect has been a huge hit, and at the forefront of it all has been T-Pain.  Whether you like him or not, I think the following comments are fair:

  • T-Pain has the vocoder on too strong, and his voice ‘wobbles’ at the end of notes, rather than a nice crisp finish
  • He’s delivered something relatively traditional (see California Love or One More Time) and repositioned it with main stream audience.

As previously discussed, auto-tune has a lot of stigma attached, but when used well, it can be a really interesting and colourful effect.  Although it might be hiding T-Pain’s real talent.

So here are the biggest hits for 2008 featuring the vocoder effect, including T-Pain’s new video “Can’t Believe It” — the first innovative hip hop clip I’ve seen in a long time.