By Stuart McPhee Sep.8.2008
In: Commentary, Opinion
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All we need is a little patience

Something for the Gunners fans there (and don’t they need it). But while they sit on forums and ruminate as to the epicness of Chinese Democracy, us normal souls are being spoiled by guerrilla tactics from the likes of Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails and now Bloc Party.

The latter’s 3rd album Intimacy dropped online a little over a week ago with very short notice from the band.  The only clue as to its sound were the dancy between album release ‘Flux’ and first single ‘Mercury’. In an era of albums leaking like the entire music industry is run by the Keystone Cops (complete with Suge Knight in the Fatty Arbuckle role) this method of releasing new material will soon become the norm.

The only thing that doesn’t fly with me in the case of Bloc Party is the way they have decided to hold the physical release of the album back about 2 months. I am still a material guy in a digital world so I need to be convinced that what I am getting by clicking on a paid download is exactly what I would receive if I went in to my local record store (sound quality aside). So when it was mentioned that the disc version of Intimacy would contain extra tracks not found on the digital release, I decided to wait it out for late October to purchase the entire box and dice.

Until that time, apart from ‘Mercury’, I will be completely shut off from the album. I do know that it has already divided listeners but after enjoying their first two efforts I will purchase Intimacy on past history alone. It certainly isn’t the first time I have made such a foolish decision and it will not be the last.