By Jye Smith Sep.11.2008
In: Concerts

The Prodigy coming to Australia in 2009

There have been countless rumours exceeded only by countless hopes.  But it seems it has all come true — The Prodigy are coming to Australia in 2009.

I was lucky enough to catch them in 2005 at their Hordern Pavilion show, and I was blown away.  The ferocity, presence and power of the live group was surreal.  I’ve been a fan since I was about 13 and believe they have always been a very innovative group well ahead of their time.

According to sources it looks like it’ll be the Big Day Out – I’m hoping they’ll be on a decent stage at a decent time. If you’ve never experienced the awesomeness that is The Prodigy — it’s something to be seen and heard.

If you’ve got any more info – do share!

Some news from Krakow Prodigy finished their gig in Krakow right now and Zbyniu from & TheProdigy.PL met the band backstage. He has some news.

The new album will be out in early February 2009.
Tour in Australia is coming in January 2009 (I think it will be Big Day Out Festival)

Back to gig, nothing new in tracklist:

1. intro (new)
2. their law
3. world’s on fire
4. breathe
5. beat 55
6. spitfire
7. warrior’s dance
8. firestarter
9. acion radar link
10. warning
11. voodoo people
12. poison
13. diesel power beats
14. smack my bitch up
15. your love link + out of space