By Jye Smith Oct.24.2008
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Sneaker Pimps kick more arse than you

I can’t begin to tell you how much the Sneaker Pimps kick arse. This British trip-hop outfit formed back in 1995 and have released three stellar smooth albums since. After the grooving Becoming X (1996), the group booted out vocalist Kelli Ali and guitarist Chris Corner took the lead. I think that’s awesome.

Splinter (1999) is a hypnotic masterpiece that will beak your heart and put it back together again. A subtle step away from their electro-pop roots, Splinter is reflective, succinct and more meaningful. Corner’s voice is delicate yet masculine and adds to the darkness of the group’s new musical direction.

Splinter led nicely to their third release, Bloodsport (2002), a stunning meld of inventive samples and powerful beats with haunting vocals.

The acoustic versions of these electro tracks are also worth checking out and pay testament to the fact that these are just fucking good songs.


Best of Becoming X: 6 Underground, Spin Spin Sugar, Post-Modern Sleaze, How Do




Best of Splinter: Low Five, Empathy Low, Splinter, Wife by Two Thousand




Best of Bloodsport: Kiro TV, Sick, M’aidez, The Fuel