By Dan Clarke Nov.10.2008
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One Day As A Lion - Not too sheepish.


After Rage Against the Machine broke up in 2000, Zack De La Rocha entered into a kind of self-imposed exile for nearly seven years. Work with Trent Reznor and Dj Shadow produced very few tracks that saw the light of day. Now that the band’s back together it seems De La Rocha has regained his mojo, embarking on a side project as One Day As A Lion.

ODAAL is a collaboration between the Rage frontman and onetime Mars Volta drummer Jon Theodore, carrying on in the tradition of vitriolic protest music that makes Rage such essential listening. Replacing the squealing guitar work of Tom Morello with a keyboard plugged in through old 80s metal amps and guitar delay pedals De La Rocha manages to bring that very distinct Rage sound to more sparse arrangements.

One Day As A Lion is certainly a more minimalist approach but it’s just as appealing. As expected, the lyrics are littered with commentary on U.S. imperialism, inequality and injustice so anyone who tired of the rampant politicism of Rage Against The Machine might be turned off but that has always been what makes their music so relevant and compelling. It’s kinda the whole point really.  9/10

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