By Jye Smith Sep.15.2008
In: Album Reviews

Disturbed - Indestructible (Review and Video)

New album arrived today: Disturbed – Indestructible

Just over the first two tracks now, and the grinding guitars over the familiar drive of some fucking thunderous drums broke through.  Now that’s a lot of adjectives, but this album sounds like the soundtrack to Armageddon itself.  Getting solid reviews everywhere.  Also the brand new video below (speaks for itself).

A much darker tone overall, with some epic vocals from one of my favourite frontmen David Draiman.  One can hear a much wider use of Draiman’s vocal ranges, and also a few extra layers.  His vocal asethetics range from his classic tones right through to traditional growls.

The guitars are drawing on some much more classic techniques of prog metal, and their tones during distortion are of a much more vintage quality.

For me, the artwork was a step backwards.  A strange type face and cliche placement didn’t do anything for the album which is focused on the classic disrtubed mascot in a very unoriginal possition.  The album art has a first person shooter feel about it. Think Doom.

Overall, solid album that hits with some big fucking force, a must for anyone who wants a heavy album that will drive you.

Favourite tracks: Indestructible, Torn, Inside the Fire (below)

Editor’s note: This is the ‘clean’ version of the video, it seems Warner Bros have changed to use this as the default video for the film clip rather than the story-boarded version.